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Stranded with the cyborg

Neon renegades

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REscued By Her enemy

Hard Drive

It was supposed to be an in-and-out job. Get off the ship, salvage any usable tech, and get the hell out.

There weren't supposed to be any survivors, not on a decades-old wreck on an unstable planet.

There certainly wasn't supposed to be an unpredictable storm trapping me on an Impericorps cruiser with a warrior class Cyborg.

If we ever want to get off this carking planet, we'll have to learn to work together, repairing an old Impericorps ship with just each other for company.

There’s no time to fall in love… right?

As a pawn of Impericorps, I'm expendable. But I'm the best at the job they've forced me into: fugitive tracking and capture. If it weren't for my handler, Riker, I might even dream of escape.
No one is more surprised than I am when Riker's the one freeing me from the grip of Impericorps, giving me the choice to run with him, or fight on my own.

I've hated Riker for a decade, and I can't understand why he's helping me now. But with the might of the Impericorps at our heels? There's strength in numbers.

I never thought I'd be the fugitive, and I certainly didn't expect my so-called enemy would be the key to my freedom... or that I'd be so attracted to him.

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